How does Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) work?

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Musculoskeletal pain is something that affects almost all of us at some point in our lives. Many times this pain is caused by a strained or torn, muscle, tendon, or ligament. Those of us who have had this type of pain/ injury know how much it can affect our lives. At Performance Medical Clinic, one of the primary goals for our patients is to address the patients’ ability to function at their full potential. A relatively new and novel treatment that has been proven to heal many conditions that cause musculoskeletal and back pain is a procedure called Platelet Rich Plasma injections (PRP).

PRP injections are prepared by drawing the patients own blood in a similar manner to having labs performed. The blood is collected, placed in a specialized kit, and spun down in a centrifuge machine in order to separate the various cells within the blood. After being spun in the centrifuge, activated platelets are injected into the abnormal tissue, releasing healing and growth factors that recruit and increase the concentration of the cells needed to heal the injured tissue.

Increasing numbers of professional athletes including olympians, NFL, NBA, and NHL are now using this treatment to heal their various injuries which enables them to return to their previous high levels of functioning.

Several clinical studies have demonstrated that PRP injections have improved function and decreased pain to many areas of the body including- elbow, wrist, shoulder, knee, etc. This novel treatment therapy is so promising that studies about PRP are being released every month in medical journals around the world. Recent studies published in major medical journals also show promise for both osteoarthritis and degenerative disk disease (a common cause of low back pain).

Side effects of PRP? Aside from minor tenderness for a very short period of time, there really are no side effects! Because we are using a patient’s own blood, this is a very safe and natural procedure.

PRP is one of the most exciting and promising treatments in musculoskeletal and pain medicine at this time. At Performance Medical Clinic we use PRP for a wide range of conditions. Not only can it be used for Pain Management, but it can also be used to promote growth and healing for Men with erectile dysfunction and well as Women with sexual discomfort.

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Dr. Ambrose is the man behind Performance Medical Clinic. A board certified Medical Doctor and Chiropractor specializing in Pain Management, General Internal Medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Medical Weight Loss, Integrative Medicine, and Anti-Aging Medicine. His mission in life is to make his patients feel better and allow them to live happier healthier lives.
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