“Low T” Quiz

"Low T" Quiz

Take our “Low T” Quiz To See If Your Symptoms Could Be Related To Low Testosterone

1) I would describe my sexual desire as:

 Healthy and vigorous Occasional Rare or non-existent

2) My mood in general is:

Positive and upbeat Occasionally frustrated Increasingly frustrated or depressed

3) My energy level is:

Very energetic Occasionally tired Often tried

4) My age is:

Under 40 40-55 55+

5) An accurate description of my weight is:

Normal Overweight Obese

6) I exercise:

Frequently Occasionally Rarely or never

7) A  good description of my overall stress level is:

Easy going Occasionally stressed Often stressed

8) My sleep patterns fit the following description

I sleep all night and wake up well rested I have some trouble sleeping and wake up tired sometimes I have severe sleeping difficulties and I am tired most days

9) My overall health can be summed up as:

Strong or healthy Occasionally sick Chronic medical conditions and feel ill often

10) I have diabetes or vascular disease

Yes No