IV Nutrition Therapy

Intravenous (IV) Nutrition therapy is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies. Oral intake at such high doses is simply not possible due to absorption limitations from the digestive process. IV therapy is a simple and safe way to correct these deficiencies and give your body the extra boost it has been lacking!

Choose from a variety of IV infusion cocktails like the Performance Drip for a boost in energy, or the Pain & Neuropathy Drip to ease chronic headaches, and more! Join the millions of people all over the country who have discovered the way to optimal heath and wellness!

When it comes to our health, there are endless discoveries on how we can improve and better care for our body system, in order to prevent it from sickness and disease. Intravenous (IV) therapy is a new and exciting discovery that efficiently helps in treating several medical conditions. The human body sometimes suffers from nutrient deficiencies, and IV therapy is one effective way to correct it. 

There are several other ways to ensure that people return to their proper health, but IV nutrition seems to the most efficient. IV nutrition brings about an immediate change when it comes in contact with the blood. Our bodies have specific dietary needs, require an excellent lifestyle, and proper amounts of vitamins and supplements to support and maintain a perfect health. It has been scientifically proven that several medical conditions can greatly benefit from the use of IV nutrition. 

IV nutrition therapy is a sure way to recover quickly from any medical condition. It also offers a swift solution to dehydration, weight loss and inflammation.

The body has the capability to heal itself from any ailment. IV therapy ensures that our immune system is active and the body has everything needed to power up the mechanism of self-healing.


Our Signature twist on the well-known “Myer’s Cocktail”. Boost your energy and find balance. This blend helps to provide relief of hormonal symptoms, fatigue and stress, and is recommended for general health.

Immunity Drip


Give a boost to your immune system! Recover from viral and bacterial infections. Formulated with nutrients to enhance immune function and promote antioxidant activity.  Recommended drip for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.


The perfect drip for stress and anxiety relief. Vitamin-packed relief from anxiety and depression, with B vitamins and magnesium to fuel your brain. Increases calmness and relaxation.

Restoration Drip- Athletic RecoveryRESTORATION DRIP

Ideal drip for Athletic Recovery. Burn fat, increase energy, and boost metabolism. With added antioxidants and amino acids that help increase performance, speed recovery from athletic injury or surgery.


This blend of essential nutrients helps to decrease inflammation and aid in pain & neuropathy relief. Added Alpha Lipoic Acid which is a top supplement recommendation for treating neuropathy & pain. Recommended Opioid Alternative.

Migraine Drip


Relieve your migraine, cluster or tension headaches in a safe and natural way. With added Magnesium, to provide quick relief.

IV nutrition Add-ons- Boosters

Create your own custom drip by adding an extra Boost to any of our IV Cocktails!


Increase metabolism, help to regulate sleep and mood, increase red blood cell production, and more!



Increase energy & promote peripheral nerve regeneration in patients with neuropathy. Recommended for patients with MTHFR genetic mutation.


Protect your cells against the effects of free radicals. Glutathione decreases results of aging, stress, and toxin exposure.


Increase metabolism and attack free radicals, kick starting your body’s immune system. Helps regulate blood sugar and eases neuropathy symptoms.   

Download a printable version of our Infusion Menu Here:

IV Nutrition Menu

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