Headaches/ Migraines

The most common forms of headaches are stress or tension. During a tension headache, pain is most often located near the forehead and/or the back of the head. As a result of contracting muscles, tension often causes constricting pressure pain.  Migraines are more intense headaches and can be accompanied with nausea and vomiting, as well as light sensitivity and blurred vision. Migraines give off a throbbing, pulsating pain usually found in the forehead or temple that can occur on one or both sides of the head.


What Causes Headaches and Migraines?

There are many potential causes including:

  • tight or strained muscles
  • disc injury or degeneration
  • arthritis or inflamed joints in the neck
  • pinched nerve in the cervical spine
  • physical trauma or injury, causing inflammation in the brain

Headache/ Migraine Pain Risk Factors:

Some risk factors associated with many different types of headaches include: anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, obesity, overuse of caffeine, overuse of pain management medications, and poor physical posture.

Treatment Options:

There are a number of pain management treatment options offered by Center for Advanced Medicine that may help reduce or eliminate the painful symptoms of headaches:

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