Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction, also known as ED, is a condition that alters men’s ability to achieve and sustain an erection.  This occurs in most men at some point throughout their lifetime.  It can be associated with other medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neuropathy, prostate issues, or depression.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Trouble achieving an erection
  • Difficulty maintaining erection quality
  • Lack of sexual desire

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Nowadays, there are multiple ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction. At Performance Medical Clinic we offer multiple treatment options depending upon a patient’s individual needs and circumstances. We also offer a revolutionary new treatment option known as the Priapus shot.

Priapus Shot Procedure: Studies have shown that when Stem Cells or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) are injected into the area, stem cells multiply and grow new, younger, and healthier tissue. It is now also apparent that Stem Cell or PRP can regenerate erectile tissue as well. We now offer and make available this breakthrough procedure to all of our patients whom are candidates and may benefit. The entire procedure for processing the blood and injecting the growth factors takes less than 30 minutes at our office and the resulting rejuvenated, healthier tissue created can be permanent!

The following is what patients are reporting after receiving the Priapus Shot:

  • Larger, firmer erections
  • Reversal of atrophy within tissues (increased size)
  • Correction of curvature
  • Increase the effectiveness of ED meds (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra)
  • Increase sensation and pleasure

Other Treatments that We Offer Include:

  • Bi-Mix or Tri-Mix Injections
  • Special Pricing for Cialis or Viagra
  • Bremelanotide (PT-141)

Bromelanotide (PT-141) 
  • A Novel Peptide to treat Low Libido and Erectile Dysfunction
  • It is estimated that 30 million men in the US suffer from sexual dysfunction, with incidence increasing 2-3 fold between the ages of 40-70.
  • Low sexual desire tends to lead to relationship distress and anxiety.
  • PT-141, Bremelanotide, is unlike FDA approved PDE5 inhibitors that improved sexual function by improving nitric oxide and vascular function.
  • PT-141 works on the CNS (Central Nervous System), thus eliciting a more desirous sexual response.
  • PT-141 is a synthetic, central melanocortin receptor agonist that increases α-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH) in the body.
  • It has been reported to aid in sexual experiences for men and women.

Keep in mind that Erectile Dysfunction can be a sign of Low Testosterone.  Low testosterone can lead to symptoms of weight gain, fatigue, grumpiness, depression, low libido, and erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone can be diagnosed with a simple blood test and with treatment, results can be astonishing. For more information visit our low testosterone page.

Ask about our reduced pricing on Viagra and Cialis.  This typically costs a fraction of what you would pay at a standard pharmacy.

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